Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ch. 12 - Anything is Possible

Once dad had told me his story and led me to our family’s underground lair (Cause seriously, thats what it was) he left me alone with only the instruction to introduce myself once the computer had turned on, and not to worry about my curfew. 

As you can see... I got a tad bit bored.
I saw grandma’s urn just sitting on the ground next to all the others and it felt... wrong. So I tidied the place up a bit. And in the days that followed I picked up all the other urns as well, and redecorated the place. To make it more... livable. 

After all, I was spending almost all my time down here talking with the General. Although... he wasn’t exactly dad’s general. 

For a few days my dedication as guardian had been left with no response until one afternoon I finally received a response. And it wasn’t what I was expecting. 
“I know I’m not who you’re waiting for, but my father died last week in a bombing. I was only just given his will with your contact information. I hope you’ll pardon my delay miss Ellie.”

His name was Gregorio Whitecliff. He wasn’t quite a general just yet but he was confident he’d make the title soon enough, before his Young Adult birthday no doubt. He was older than me but only just, and quite funny. 
I didn’t even notice how much time I was spending talking with him until I’d spent the night of prom online with him talking about the difference in our upbringings. He’d been born and raised on a military base and never knew his mother, barely saw his father. I’d lived with two loving parents in a town full of friends, family and fresh air. 

Of course my dad noticed all the time I’d been spending away from home and after a few “private words” (An hour long lecture on mainlanders and how the general is not our friend, blah blah blah) I decided to spend more time at home, mostly exercising.

Jenny also enjoys exercising, but prefers to use the strange training dummy my mom found at the consignment store. 

Speaking of my parents, they’re getting pretty old. So it wasn’t rare for them to be in bed hours before the rest of us. 

And once I’d learned to connect my personal laptop to the hidden super computer in the cave it was very easy for me to stay up late talking to Gregorio, 

On one such night I learned it was his birthday the following day. I’d laughed, asked him what he wanted for a gift and he’d mentioned the want for a car. 
“What is a car?” I typed, honestly curious since I’d never even heard the word before. 
“Its a transportation machine.” He answers. “Early versions ran on fossil fuels and polluted the environment but we have these beautiful sleek new ones that run on sunlight and store enough energy to be used at night as well. You really don’t have any there?”
“None. But they sound fascinating. I can understand why you want one so badly. I wish it were possible to send one here. It would make life so much easier. Did you know it takes me an HOUR to walk to and from school each day? Ugh.”
He’d laughed at me for that since I sounded like a spoiled brat, but told me that everything was possible if you wanted it bad enough. Long after he’d signed off I’d sat there re-reading his words. What had he meant by that?

Two days later I received my answer. 


Okay so firstly: I am SO sorry for the delay in this chapter. I was having so much trouble with this save game and for a long time I was worried it was unsalvagable. Today I realized all I needed to do was switch to a different household and then back into the main Evans. *Head -> Desk* Pardon me, I feel like a moron now.

... I want that car.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ch. 11 - My Name is Ellie

So my name is Ellie Evans. Why should you remember that? Because I’m mostly likely twice as smart as you, twice as adorable, and even if you decide you’re going to hate me... you’ll still do exactly what I want when I want it. If you can’t deal with that then my story is not for you. 

I live on an island with my mom, my dad, and the rest of my extended family. Including five cousins. Way too many if you ask me. I mean, my family has four kids already (although only my brother and I really “count”) and the only time I get to spend alone is when I am out exploring.

Being outside in nature... it’s something that always brings a smile to my face. Bugs, my dad’s garden, the ocean breeze that carries the smell of smoke from the mainland. Everything just has just such a special place in my heart (less so that last point). 

Oh shoot. Dad just reminded me, I have to introduce you to my family! I’m sure you’re already bored of my dad (All he ever does is talk about how awesome he is. I am not even joking), but you probably haven’t met my best friend Jennifer. I call her Jenny and here she is talking to Wesley Vasquez from down the street. 

Wesley was born on the island just like me. His parents are Mei and Diego, the owners of the consignment store across the street (behind his big head!).

I like having time to myself, so Jenny spends most of her time with him now. I honestly don’t mind. Unlike my brother and Diva I really don’t need to have my best friend within arms distance 24/7. 

Speaking of my brother and Diva...

Dad would kill them if he knew HALF of the stuff they did while he was out fishing. 

Lets just say that it includes closed doors, and “rubbers” for some reason. But whenever I ask cousin Clementine about woo-hoo she just turns bright red and changes the subject. Teenagers are weird.

Unfortunately for me, I’m turning into one today.

Well, this is me as a teenager. Not too convinced on this whole “growing up” business to be honest with you.

It didn’t help that dad got a phone call half way through the party and then just left without saying anything to anyone. But with him thats normal.

Oh right, Jenny grew up too. Wesley’s a bit younger than us so after she became a teen he was the only child left in the house.

It wasn’t until after the party had settled down and I was throwing out the garbage that I ran into dad returning from wherever. 

He seemed distracted. Agitated judging by the twitching muscles in his face and constant need to look up at the hill behind our house. 
“You didn’t hear anything, did you? Can’t see it from here either... last time they screwed up the machine and scared the island half to death. All fixed now.”

Have I mentioned that my dad is insane? Cause he totally is. Or that's what I thought, at least. But he just laughed at the look on my face and told me to follow him up the hill.

It was dark, and the building was far off, but I could still make out the large towers in the distance. I just had no idea what it was, or how it had gotten here.

“It’s our new science laboratory.” My father explained once I voiced my questions. “The General wants me to use my knowledge of the island to discover what I can, and I needed space and the proper materials. It was delivered during your party by this hovering contraption the mainland has access to.”
The mainland? A general? What the bloody hell?
“I have a story to tell you, princess.” My pet name. The one I hated. “Its not a nice story, but you need to hear it. But if you do you’ll have to take over for me as this island’s Guardian. Do you think you’re ready for that kind of a burden?”

I wanted to tell him that I couldn’t be sure... but I already was. The moment he used the word Guardian a warm feeling enveloped me, as if I was being cradled in my mother’s arms once again. It made me feel safe, and good, and I knew it was the island asking me to say yes to my father. 
One look in his face told me that he felt nothing. The island hadn’t wanted him, but it had been forced to accept him. It wanted me, and I was old enough to have a fighting chance at understanding. I had no choice in the matter, really.
“Tell me what I’m missing, dad. I’ll accept whatever you can throw at me.”


I had originally wanted "The Island" to pick each heir instead of the previous heir, but then Ginger had only one green baby so I had to postpone that plot point until now. It'll be more important later (For example, if the previous heir picks someone the island does not approve of). But thats not happening this generation.

Oh and Boyden and Gwen's daughter has been a teen for a while but I never really went to check her out. And when I did... well... doesn't she look like Mary Margaret from Once Upon A Time? (Yes I watch it. >< It's gooood!)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ch. 10 - Facts of Life

Ellie’s birthday arrives at last.

It is physically impossible for my family to produce ugly offspring. Fact of life.

Also a fact of life? My children are amazing. 

My and Maureen’s birthday fell on the same day as Ellie’s. But we celebrated in private once the children had all gone to bed.

Of course early the following morning while Maureen and I were only just waking up a scream alerted us to a problem downstairs. 

My mother’s clock had finally run out.

We were all hit pretty hard by her passing. I was just thankful that the children were old enough to have some memories of her. 

I turned to my wife for comfort.

She knew just what I needed. My mother had taken her role as guardian very seriously, and knew everyone on the island. Maureen had always been close to my mother, and I knew she was hurting too. We helped each other through the difficult time that lay ahead. 

At least one good thing came from all this. Ellie told me she’s decided to let her doll come out and play at last. 

It was nice to have a friend made just for you. I gave Ellie a potion to make her doll real, but Ellie refused, saying she liked Jenny just the way she was... for now anyway. 

Damian’s birthday arrived too soon.

I just wish mom were here to see him grow up. 

My son, the natural born chef. 

And his doll, Diva. 

He seemed excited to see Diva age, and I faintly wondered if I’d acted like that with Alice when I was younger. 

NOPE. I certainly hadn’t acted like this with Alice.

Diva was... was like his sister! She... they... I mean... Okay don’t mind me. I’ll get over it. I think I just need to go grab Maureen and cry for a- holy shit Maureen and Alice have the same hair. I think I just died inside a little. Pardon me. I need to go cry now.

Watching Damian and Diva together had a much different effect on Ellie than it had on me. She decided she did want to make Jenny real.

So... she did. 

And Jenny joined the family as a real girl.

Each night I was out until early morning fishing at the graveyard, catching the death fish Alice had pointed out to me. Then I would pull myself out of bed in the morning half asleep to garden. Imagine my glee when one day Diva offered to take over the garden for me. 
I love this girl. 

Also helpful was Damian who woke up each morning long before everyone else just to make a warm breakfast for the family.

Ellie and Jenny were still happy to do nothing but paint, but that was alright. They were still young and had plenty of time to choose where their hearts lay.

That said, my little Ellie certainly had a gift. 

I only wished no one else had noticed. It had been hard enough to deal with Carla’s trip to the mainland. I would never let them take my daughter, and I wasn’t sure how to ensure her safety. 

Fortunately for me, Whitecliff had different plans for today’s meeting. And very quickly I realized that the general had just given me the perfect opportunity to keep her safe forever. The mainland would be making a very special delivery the day of my daughter’s upcoming birthday, and with that news I gave Whitecliff the name of my heir.


And Gen 3 takes over next chapter. (Since I started on Gen 2)

OMG it took friggin FOREVER to get the 140k for Aden's Science Labs. I almost wanted to cheat. The last 20k was the worst. 

Aden honestly freaks out every time he walks into a room where Damian and Diva are flirting. His eyes go huge and he just a forced smile on. Thank you AI for finally realizing how creepy it is to fall in love with your IF doll (Seriously. Is it really just me who thinks that way? Its practically forcing someone to love you!)