Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ch. 2 - The Merit of a School

With the family quickly growing, mom and dad expand the house a bit to make larger rooms... and more than one washroom. 

Alice has loved fishing ever since she first came alive. Mom says she’s a born angler, just like me, but I don’t really get what’s so special about it. Alice claims its calming and peaceful to stare out into the water all day long. I just think it makes me want to pee a lot. 

Recently we found out that Boyden also has an imaginary friend, this time named Pat. Alice has been hanging out with both of them a lot more recently and doesn’t seem to have time for me anymore. 

Whatever. I have mom’s garden. She was actually right, there’s something about gardening that just makes everything... right. It’s calming.

Also calming: Hanging out with Maureen. She grew up only a day after I did, but we haven’t had much time to hang out. 

Quite quickly we catch up on the latest gossip... not that there is much. Or really any. Her dad’s kept her busy practicing her art and sculpting. Apparently they don’t want a scientist for a daughter, even thought Maureen is a born genius. I can’t understand why her parents wouldn’t want to help her rise to the top, but thats not my place I guess. At least she isn’t an annoying genius like my brother. 

Dad always says its important to know girls who can beat you in a fight. I have no idea what he’s talking about. Maureen hits HARD and it seriously sucks. Am I bleeding? I think I’m bleeding.

At least her dad doesn’t mind when I hit his daughter back just as hard. He just mutters something about us kids needing a park to play in. 

Maureen’s little brother was born the same day as little Carla. Apparently Maureen overheard our moms talking about setting them up when they were older. 
“Can you imagine if they’d tried that with us?”

We couldn’t help it and burst out laughing. 

Neither of us really wanting to think about the inevitable. We’d have to find someone eventually... and the island was a bit short of choices. 

Outside Maureen’s house we could just make out the skyline above the mainland. Sometimes we could see flashing lights far off in the distance, similar to the flashes of the TV. Maureen points them out every time, claiming they’re bombs. 

“Do you remember anything about the mainland?”
“Not really.” She shrugs. “I was so little when we left. I remember a bit of the white room we were in during isolation. They wanted to make sure we weren’t sick. Dad said there were twelve families waiting to go to the island, but only us and Miss Glimmer’s family were able to come. I guess I should consider myself lucky.”
“How come? I thought your dad was rich. Wouldn’t you have had a good life in the mainland? Dad said the wealthy families never had to worry about anything but the bombs.”
“Still... I doubt the mainland has friends like you.” 

My dad gets older and more rickety with every passing day, but without fail I always catch him outside with his face in his telescope, studying the stars from twilight to norm. 

Mom says that he’s trying to get the island a real school in time for Carla’s birthday, but I really can’t make the connection between star gazing and a school. Besides, I’ve grown up just fine without a school so what’s the big deal?

Instead of arguing mom just bought a TV to shut me up. I love her sometimes (even if she did disconnect the news channel). 

“I dunno.” Alice mutters when mom tells everyone about the coming school. “I think it might be cool to learn in a classroom with everyone else. I mean Miss Glimmer never lets us talk to Gwen, so a school might be good for everyone.” 
I hate how she always takes my parent’s side in everything

“Well I think school is a stupid idea.” Boyden mutters, his whiny voice alerting me to his presence. I’d been trying to ignore him for the past hour or so. “Whats the point of it anyway? I’m already smarter than any teacher the shadow people could send!” 

I can’t help myself sometimes. “Big talk for a kid whose scared of sitting in a bathtub without mommy there to hold his hand.”
“Big talk for a guy whose too scared to walk onto Miss Glimmer’s lawn in the daytime. At least Gwen knows MY name.”
“I look forward to big headed nieces and nephews.”

I seriously need to remember how much of an evil genius my brother is. He doesn’t shoot back a retort or an insult. He just smiles to himself and finishes off his food. THATS when I should have started begging for forgiveness. 

I thank my lucky stars that he could only get temporary hair dye on such short notice... although that said, I still have no idea where he even managed to get hair dye. 

Can I take a minute to tell you guys how much I love my baby sister? 

I’m the kind of guy who burns cereal. Cold cereal. Still, whenever I set her down for breakfast she’s the happiest girl in the world and I’m the greatest chef to ever live. 

It took a while, but a couple of days before Boyden’s birthday dad managed to pull together enough resources for a second potion to make Pat come to life.

Boyden doesn’t waste anytime in making Pat real.

For the record. My imaginary friend was a lot easier on the eyes. 

Not that I don’t like him. Pat’s a little sweetheart and too dumb to know when to run and hide from dad. 

A victim of dad’s dreaded cheek pinch on his first day as a real sim... poor kid.

Although I can’t really blame dad, after all, its not like Boyden or I ever let him pinch us, and Pat was only going to be a kid for one day. 
Yeeep... my brother’s birthday at last. Now he’ll be old enough to actually hit back when I bug him. (Dammit)

He’s... well... I mean... ugh. At least we finally have something in common. We both want to have big families one day. And that is IT, okay? We look nothing alike. I’m still better looking. 

Pat didn’t come out so bad either. 

At least Alice seems to think so.

Finally it was time for my baby sister to grow up.

She got a real cake cause everyone actually likes her (Well that and mom got sick of cooking).

She really is the cutest kid I’ve ever seen... besides me of course.

It happened while I was trying to explain to Carla why Boyden and I don’t get along (He’s ugly, I’m the oldest and demand respect... oh and he’s evil).

The whole ground seemed to shake, as if there were an earthquake and I felt as if something in my chest just burst open. I heard Alice scream and ran out of the bedroom to see what was going on. 
Okay, she was just have a neurotic breakdown. No big deal. They happened all the time. 

I heard my dad’s voice outside and kept on running. But he wasn’t scared, or even shocked. He just stood there on the edge of our property line, smiling to himself. 

“Look Aden.” He smiles, motioning to the large building down the street. “They gave us a school.”


Trust me. There is a method to my madness. All will be explained... maybe. 



In the next chapter. 

Carla is sort of my favourite. She's so cute!


  1. I love Aden so much. He's funny and witty and I just love him. =]

    Carla is absolutely adorable.

    I'm glad they finally got their school. I'm still wondering what the hell went down on the mainland though.

  2. Carla is so, so cute. And I love the idea of some kind of invisible hand dropping a full school down. Kind of Wizard of Oz. Clear out the witches!

  3. CARLA!!! :D Those eyes :D

    And I hate to break it to you cece, but for the mad people, it always makes sense :)

    And you got yourself a school! How awesome!

  4. Haha, I always wondered what that'd be like.

    "Hey, whatever happened to Mortimer?"

    "The Watcher plopped down a new bookstore while he was on the lot."

    "Too bad."