Friday, February 17, 2012

Ch. 3 - Guardian

While dad went out to discuss the position of instructors with the other families mom took me aside to speak. Her face was serious and for the first time I wondered if she actually knew any more than I did.

“As soon as it begins to get dark meet me outside. It is time you learned everything.” 
Okay never mind. She knew more than I did. But hopefully that wouldn’t be the case much longer.

To my surprise she took me to the abandoned crater on the far side of the island, where my siblings and I had been instructed never to approach as the climb was too dangerous and no one would think to look for us here. Mother had a secret staircase that I couldn’t even see until I was standing on the top step. 

“Mom... what is this place? It feels so...” 
I let my sentence hang but she knew what I meant. “It feels evil because it is evil. This was where the mainlanders first made contact with my mother’s people, and where they began the fire that destroyed everything and everyone I knew and loved.” 

I tried to ask about what had happened but instead she walked towards the bushes I’d only half paid attention to. A stairway opened up as she took a step towards them, and after a few moments I followed. 

The first thing I saw where the dozens of urns scattered along the stone floor. I caught my mother studying my face but I wasn’t sure what I should be feeling. Shock? Curiosity? Somehow I felt anger but I couldn’t understand why. 

“Mom what’s going on? Where are we? Who do all these urns belong to?”

“They belong to my mother, my sisters, my brothers, my aunts, uncles, cousins, all the family I ever knew.”
I noticed one title missing and pointed it out. “What about your father?”
“One of the first mainlanders to arrive.” She whispers, as if saying it too loud will harm someone. “He was a soldier who seduced my mother, and that is all I know of him. I never knew him but I suppose its his blood that saved my life. Before the fire began and the trees all died, I was taken from my family and alone survived." 

“But what fire?” I asked. “Dad never mentioned a fire when he taught me history.”
“Thats because I asked him not to. But as I said before, its time you learned the truth.”

“The island we live on was once called Morikipo, and it was so lush and lovely that it would make your heart glow with happiness just to look on it every day as I was able to in my youth. 

“By the time I was a child, the mainlanders had already established their base above where we stand right now. However with only the occasional scuffle they kept to themselves, and my mother’s people let them have the crater, believing it would keep the peace. 

“I lived with only my older brother and mother, far from the homes of those who looked like us, and dangerously close to the mainlanders’ settlement. Some of the elders warned that they would influence my brother and I, but my mother never paid them any heed. She was young and rash and had a thirst for adventure that rivals your own, my son.

“On the days that my mother would be in the village my brother would be in charge of watching me. Not that he ever actually did. When our mother was away he’d be off with his friends and I would have free reign to explore wherever I wanted to.

“One day when I was alone I saw a mainlander in person. 

“I tried to talk to him, asked him why he was on our land. I’d seen mainlanders in the distance sometimes, surveying the land and studying our trees, but never so close to our home. 

“He told me he was looking for little Ginger, me, and that my father had sent him. The Mainlanders’ were going to do something drastic to get rid of the pesky natives and that no one wanted one of their own to be hurt in the process, so he was going to take me somewhere safe. 

“I tried to run, I really did. But that old man was a lot faster than he looked, and a lot stronger. 

“I didn’t return to Morikipo for years, not until I was grown up and the mainlanders’ realized the island still fought against them. I’d grown close to one of the scientist in the mainlanders’ facility at the time, your father Jarret. They offered me a deal. If I returned to Morikipo and convinced the island to accept the settlers, Jarret would be permitted to join me, and you would grow up knowing your father. So I became the Guardian.”

I had a sinking feeling in my stomach the entire time. I’d never been the kind of son to hate his parents, and I respected my dad more than anything but suddenly I never wanted to see him again. 
“Mom if those people took everything from you how could marry one of them? How could you have three kids with that man?”

“That man is your father.” She reminds me. “And I love him, because after years on the mainland I realized something: some sims do evil things, it does not necessarily mean that they are all evil. With the arrival of the school more settlers will come. Maybe not many at first, but there will be more. And one day sims will arrive who wish to do evil to this island and the people on it. The island is a living, breathing thing and will listen only to a true islander. You are my only possible heir, Aden, can I trust you to know our family’s history and still protect the others?”

I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to... but I knew I had to try. My brother and sister both looked like the sims from the mainland, if they went back they’d be accepted with open arms and disappear into the crowd. I would not. I knew thats what my mother meant by me being the only possible heir. On the mainland I would be an outsider, here I was the only true islander left. 
“I’ll... do it.”

She pointed me to the advanced looking computer in the corner behind her. “You can speak to General Whitecliff through there. Tell him who you are. At least once a week you must come here and speak with him, and he will give us what we need.” 
I did so, typing only 11 words: “My name is Aden Evans, and I am Morikipo's new Guardian.”


Yaaaay plot! I did actually have an explanation set up for where the hell the school came from but then I forgot it xD. See what happens when I don't write shit down when I think it up? You get lost-style questions inside of half-answers. 

Yeah, Aden's mom is named Ginger. Her mother is Naria and brother is Briar. I have them saved sort of wish I could've used them more. They really are fun characters. *Sigh* Guess I can't have it all, eh?


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