Monday, February 20, 2012

Ch. 4 - Want You to be Mine

Following Carla’s birthday dad had Boyden and me help him on remodeling the house, adding a second story with two new bedrooms and a washroom, one room of which would be Alice and Carla’s to share. 

The bottom floor was also fixed up a little, with the kitchen moved (the fridge fell on my foot twice. I think Boyden pushed it on purpose that second time). 

Carla spends a lot of time over at the Starr residence, talking to Brent and making friends with him. I don’t know how they managed to find so much to talk about, but she was there from dawn till dusk sometimes. 

Normally I would have been there with Carla, all day long as well, but I couldn’t bring myself to face Maureen any more, not with the school always in the background of everything I did, serving as a reminder of what happened to my mother and the original islanders. 
FIshing was my only escape when my mind would wander back to my mother’s story. But even then, the school would still be there, as if just taunting the fact that I would have to face Maureen sooner or later once everything was organized and classes began. 

At least Boyden seemed to be enjoying the equality that came from having a school. Specifically the part that meant he had an excuse to visit Gwendolyn Sabo’s home through the lie of being her “homework buddy”.

If we’d been on the mainland, Gwendolyn would have been the heir to her grandparents’ multi-million dollar music industry. Here her family was still the wealthiest, and had a strange way of bringing all sorts of strange objects from the mainland, even though I’d learned that as the “Guardian” I should be the only one with the power to ask for things from the mainland. 

I may hate my brother... but even I had to admit that he was a genius. He knew what he needed, and how to get it. I just hoped Gwen didn’t get hurt in the process. But then again, she was as evil as my brother. They were made for each other. 

At last the first day of school arrived and dad got up extra early to make everyone a big hearty breakfast...
Only Carla woke up early enough to enjoy it.

School... was terrifying. Although Maureen’s dad was the teacher and I did learn a lot. Boyden was given detention right off the bat for attempting to flood the place before class had even begun... and Maureen was assigned the seat right next to me. I had no choice but to speak with her. 

As it turns out, school was the best thing to ever happen to me. 

She forgave me without question, not caring about the excuses I’d practiced in the mirror. 

It was in that moment that I realized my mom had been right. The mainlanders had done some horrible things, but Maureen wasn’t one of them, and neither were her parents or anyone else on the island. They’d given up everything for a second chance, and I was their protector now. I wasn’t going to let anything happen to Maureen. 
... And by Maureen I mean everyone on the island. 

It wasn’t that there’d never been a kind of tension between us. I’d felt it ever since that night we stayed up watching the stars. She was attracted to me, I could see it every time she blushed at a compliment I gave her or laughed just a little too hard at one of my bad jokes. 

Unfortunately I wasn’t sure that I felt the same way about her. 

Not that it really mattered once I thought about it. She was my best friend, and the only sim outside of my immediately family that I really cared about. When I spoke to General Whitecliff I’d learned some of the details my mom had left out, such as the necessity of producing an heir. If necessary, the mainlanders would send me someone of the appropriate gender but the mere idea of it repulsed me. 

So I lied and told Maureen that I’d always loved her, and that I wanted her to be mine. Today, it really was a lie. I just hoped that one day it wouldn’t have to be. 

Life returned to a routine. While us kids were at school, mom worked on her books (or pretended to and played video games instead. I knew how to use browser history).

And dad continued to use his telescope constantly. He new so much about the universe, he was so brilliant. I guess I was proud to have him as a dad, he was pretty cool, and acted as our science teacher on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Eventually dad decided that we needed a bookstore and all us men got together to build a new bookstore. The mainland even sent us a whole bunch of books and a shadow man to run the register. 
It was a lot of hard work, but I think the end result was worth it.

Prom comes up. Boyden goes with Gwen.

And I invited Maureen. I even made her a corsage from some flowers I grew. 

Carla unfortunately was just a bit too young for prom. So she had to stay home with mom and dad and had a private tea party with her dolls.

Mom and dad also had their own private party. Their last one. 

Because the very next morning, my father passed on. At the age of only 92. 


R.I.P Jarret : (  I will miss the bags of money you gave me through all that star gazing.

I am also VERY happy with what I've done for the house so far. *Nods* Yes. Very happy.

The Achieved lots page has been updated to include all three of the lots the Evans family has earned (A bit of a spoiler for the third lot, but its nothing major). 

I hate Gwen's hair but holy cow, she aged up exactly like that and I thought it would be a sin to change anything. She and Boyden both have the evil trait and every time I leave them alone they're either flirting or conspiring together. They're perfect for each other <3


  1. Poor Jarret :( He tried so hard to do his best! I'm glad Aden was proud of him!

    Gwens hair suits her! Don't you dare to change it like EVER! NEVER!

    I'm a bit sad though for Maureen, and for Aden as well...not being able to experience true love...

  2. Man oh man. What a complicated thing between Maureen and Aden. Seems like an arranged marriage just without Maureen (or most others) knowing it.

  3. Awwwwww, I feel sorry for Maureen! :-( I am enjoying the story though, it's awesome and I can't wait to find out more about Aden's heritage and everything.

  4. Awwwee, RIP Jarret! I feel so sorry for Maureen and I hope she never finds out that Aden needed her for an heir. Especially if she falls in love. That would be bad. I hope he falls for her. =]

  5. Yes, yes. Poor Maureen and all that. More importantly... GWENDOLYN! She is beautiful! I just love her face. I never can get my noses that nice.