Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ch. 5 - Prestige

Life just didn’t make sense after dad’s death. Boyden was always home, and was actually nice to people. 

I tried my hardest to take over as man of the house, while still keeping up with homework and the garden. At least I didn’t have to do that last one alone. Pat would help sometimes. 

Mom slipped into a depression and rarely left her room. 

At least everyone was able to pull it together for Carla’s birthday. 

She asked mom to bring dad’s urn out from the bedroom and keep it in the living room for her birthday. Mom agreed and I have to admit, it was nice to feel like he was really there with us. 

And my sister finally became a young lady. Dad would have been so proud of her. 

While waiting for my turn at the cake I overheard an interesting conversation between my mom and sister. Carla was trying to convince her to okay a new Graveyard up by the overlook on the near side of the island. Mom told her it would be my decision and after a bit of deliberation I thought it would be a nice idea. 

I’m quite proud of what we accomplished in such a short time. Alice even convinced me to add in a bit of landscaping for the living visitors.

Finally, my birthday arrived. 

And may I just say... I’m no longer fucking adorable, but I am certainly fucking sexy... if you’ll pardon my language.

Alice turned out beautiful too. 

Maureen grew up the same night and invited me over for her party. 

I’m happy to report we spent most of the party outside, wrapped in each others arms and just stargazing. She was starting her job as a teacher tomorrow, while I had no plans... well, besides my meeting with Whitecliff as per usual. Seriously wasn’t looking forward to that.

And apparently with good reason. I had only a few updates for him as well as a request for some more building supplies. He also had an offer for me. One I was worried I couldn’t refuse. 

And after only one short talk my mom confirmed my fears. When the general made a request, I would not be able to refuse him. 

Even if it meant throwing my innocent little sister into the fire... or more specifically, the mainland.

Apparently some of the shadow people had seen Carla’s art pieces and a prestigious art school on the mainland wanted her to be a student. 

The General claimed that it was a great honour for and islander to be asked to attend. I was sure it was just a scare tactic to make sure I behaved myself as the Guardian. It was no secret that my sister was our family’s heart. If anything happened to her... no. I couldn’t think that way. She’d be home for graduation and nothing bad would happen.

So the following morning she was gone.

And I had informed the General that I would not be marrying until my sister was back home safe and sound.


What? I can't send a kid off to boarding school without having SOME fun with it! : P

I am quite proud of my graveyard. I made it all on my own and I usually suck at making community lots.


  1. My God. Carla is drop dead gorgeous. Probably the loveliest sim you've made yet. Alice is pretty gorgeous too I think. Man, lots of great genes over here. Stupid general being mean though...not cool.

  2. We could of course put a hit out on the general...

    Carla is beautiful! I can understand why the mainland wants her!

  3. Carla is very is Alice, I love her eyes! Oh Carla...I hope you don't get into trouble on the Mainland. =/

  4. I agree with all the above comments. Carla and Alice are simply lovely. =)