Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ch. 6 - Marry Me

The graveyard was a terrifying place at night, but Alice came here every night to fish and finally managed to convince me to go with her. 

I really suck at this fishing thing. 

Alice doesn’t. She’s amazing at fishing. She even manages to catch these giant dark creatures she calls “deathfish”. The shadow men pay her up to 500 simoleons for each creature! 

She made so much money that eventually she was able to hire some of the shadow men to help her build her very own fully stocked fishing park on the far side of town. They did a great job on it. 

The same day Alice officially finished her fishing park, Boyden and Pat were due to become men. Mom even bought a cake!

Boyden grew up a clone of our dad.

Pat stayed much the same.

But apparently thats just how Alice liked him.

Cause from that moment on they started spending a lot more time together.

A LOT more time together.

Just how much time I didn’t know until a few days later.

When Alice told me that she was pregnant with Pat’s baby, and that they were moving out and getting married. 

I was far less than impressed. But I wished her luck anyway. I’d miss her, but I was glad at least one of my mom’s “kids” was starting a family. 

Okay... two of mom’s kids. Apparently whenever we thought Boyden was outside stargazing he was really slipping into bed with the girl two houses down. 

And now Gwen was left in quite the awkward predicament. 

To my brother’s credit he did want a marriage and family. He’d just done things in the wrong order.

Thankfully Gwen didn’t seem to have any hard feelings. 

And happily accepted the ring when Boyden asked her to marry him. The scene of him proposing really did warm my heart. Maybe he wasn’t such an evil bastard after all.

A quick wedding was arranged for Boyden and Gwen. So that they could be officially wed before the baby came. 

Alice arrived, although she was due to give birth anytime. She ended up giving birth right after the party ended to a little boy named Dean.

I was relieved to see Maureen at the wedding as well. I was afraid she wouldn’t attend since she'd wanted to get married before Gwen. They had a bit of a rivalry going on.

As the happy couple met under the arch we all took our seats. 

The rings are exchanged.

And just like that my baby brother is officially a married man. 

It was after the party when most of the other guests had already headed back home that I asked Maureen for a moment of her time to talk. 

She’d understood when I’d told her about not wanting to marry without my sister here, but I’d seen the pained expression she wore throughout the entire wedding. And honestly, it hurt me to see her so sad. 

So with only two days until my sister’s scheduled return, I knew this was the perfect moment.

I asked her to marry me.

And thank the Watcher... she said yes. 


They're finally getting married! *Que Aladdin music*

Gwen and Boyden end up having a little girl named Clementine who is friggin adorable! I was quite happy with her. Carla also grows up beautifully but thats for later.


  1. Yay! I'm glad Pat and Alice....Gwen and Boyden all tied the knot! I can't wait to see the kids! I wonder when Aden is going to produce his heir....=]

  2. Marriages and babies! The stuff happy stories are made of (until someone throws a twist in). Waits for the twist...

  3. Something smells! Cece and happy chapters?

    Nah jk! It was a great chapter!

    And Boyden looks like the spitting image of teddy to me :p.