Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ch. 7 - Welcoming a Generation

The one thing about this house that I’d never like was the all too thin walls that let me hear every word coming from Gwen and Boyden’s room whenever I was eating breakfast.

Gwen was worried about how they’d be able to afford to raise a baby together, and Boyden assured her that and her mom were taking care of it. That they were working on some sort of building down by the coast behind the hills.

There was nothing down there but burned ground and a lot of empty space. Yet everyday without fail he’d jog down there and spend most of the day there.

It was actually quite a surprise that he managed to be home the same time Gwen went into labour.

Not long afterwards Gwen gave birth to a little girl. My niece, Clementine. 

And then she fixed herself up a bit and become the hot little vixen my brother had fallen in love with. Maureen caught her staring at me one time and slapped me... hard. I don’t think I deserved it.

Sides, she made my brother happy and he’d been acting less and less like an evil bastard since his daughter had been born. I couldn’t thank Gwen enough.

Carla returned home. In one piece. As a young adult. She was quieter than I remembered, but she was still little Carla.

She refused to tell me what was happening in the mainland, or what she’d done there besides the most basic details on her paintings... but I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to hear what she’d seen. If she had any emotional scars she wasn’t about to show them off.  And she was thrilled about my wedding.

Maureen and I married that same day. No party, only Carla in attendance with the rest of the family inside. 

I still wasn’t sure if I loved Maureen or not, but I was sure of one thing. Marrying her was one of the smartest decisions I’d ever made. She made me happy, and I really really wanted to have kids by her. Maybe they’d even get her beautiful green eyes... I’d like that.

Carla didn’t wait long to move out on her own. No one wanted her to go but she’d grown used to having her own room and having to share with baby Clementine... not her thing. What really surprised everyone was her wedding announcement only a day after she’d moved out. Apparently mom’s plan to have her marry Maureen’s baby brother had worked.

Perhaps Carla moving out was for the best. Because not long after she left, Gwen found herself expecting Boyden’s second child.

And Maureen found she was expecting our first.

To say I was terrified would be an understatement... but I was certainly happy about it. Although a part of me hoped out child wouldn’t come out green. That way I’d at least have an excuse to have more children. Not that I really needed an excuse. Maureen wanted a full house and so did I.

Plus my mom was already wishing for 5 grandkids. And I didn’t want to disappoint her.

Clementine grew into a lovely little toddler. 

I couldn’t believe how in love my brother was with her. But then again, I feel like that towards my baby and he or she hasn’t even been born yet!

Gwen also seemed to care for her daughter, but she was still very obviously not family oriented like the rest of us.

After all, if she and Clementine were alone for too long... 

Maureen is a bit worried about our baby being in the same house as Gwen’s sticky fingers, but I assured her it would be alright. 

Luckily, she trusts me. 

As she should. Cause if Gwen even came NEAR my baby... well, it wouldn’t be pretty.

Then again, Gwen had her own problems to deal with in the middle of the night while the rest of the house was asleep. 

In the wee hours of the morning she gave birth to not one but two beautiful boys. Twins Justin and Jason.

Maureen goes into labour the same morning.

And we welcome to the family our son, Damian. 


4 babies in one chapter. And Gwen's surprise twins threw me into a household of 9 xD. Woops! You'll all find out what Boyden's been working so hard on later... now that I finally got the 70k for it. 

I've limited myself to only adding one family per generation, but wether its a family of 1 or 8 is my decision.  Looks like I'll be adding in a family with twin toddler daughters next time I play, cause Clementine is the ONLY girl in that age group and she's probably going to end up with Dean just because of their similar ages (and the fact that she's related to everyone else).

Now to go see what the twins and Damie look like as toddlers <3.


  1. Whew! Babies everywhere! I see Aden's first child is indeed an Islander like him. =D I bet you were pretty happy about that. Can't wait to see what they look like all grown up.

  2. Nice! Can't wait to see what boyden is cooking up! His daughter is cute! Can't wait to see how all of them grow up