Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ch.1 - A Place Called Home

My name is Aden Evans. And as you can see, I am fucking adorable.

I live on an island that was once supposed to be a secret military stronghold or something like that. Not sure. Mom always gets antsy when dad tries talking about it so for all I know all the hard roads all over the island were put there by the shadow people mom’s always whining about. 

Oh! I should introduce you to my family I guess. They’re not as awesome as I am, but they’re important. 
This is my dad, Jarret Evans. He tells me that he used to be a scientist on the mainland, and thats why the shadow people let him live here with mom. 

Okay so he’s not a very good scientist. But he tries. 

This is my baby brother, Boyden. He is overly dull, homely, and so obviously mom’s favourite. Sometimes I wish I were an only child, but mom says thats not allowed.

Lastly, this is mom. She’s a dryad, or something like that. She came with the land. This is where she was born and raised, and she simply refused to leave when the shadow people took over. So they let her stay, and charged her with the safety of the sims the shadow people sent from the mainland. 

Speaking of the other sims, I should probably introduce them too. 
This is Maureen Starr. She’s my best friend and the only other normal person on this entire island.

As you can see... her dad is not so normal. He used to be a scientist too, although a lot more accomplished than my dad. Mom says Mr Vance and Mrs Nadia bought their way onto the island. 

Apparently things on the mainland are really bad. Mom won’t let us have a TV incase I catch the news from the mainland, but whenever I want information I just go to Maureen’s place. Her parents are always watching the news. I never actually get to see the screen, but I always hear bombs, crying, and sick people being scared. 

There’s one more family on the island, but I’m not allowed to talk to them. It consists of miss Glimmer, her boyfriend Angelo and their new baby. Dad tells me Miss Glimmer’s the daughter of some “big wig” from the mainland, and he sent her here to be safe. She’s always grumpy and yells at me and Maureen when we walk on her lawn. I don’t like her very much. 

Mister Angelo is nicer though. He comes over to talk to dad a lot and helped us work on the house when dad wanted to give me my own room. 

Whenever dad isn’t working on his experiments or star gazing he’s playing with my little brother. 

And mom spends a lot of time in her garden. For some reason everything she touches grows so fast. She says its part of her blood, and she’ll teach me how to do it when I’m older but I dunno. Gardening just looks so boring. 

I’ve learned not to like it when mom and dad are acting lovey dovey around the house. 

Because it always means I’m getting a new little brother or sister. 

This time, so is Maureen. 

Maureen is WAY more excited than I am. She always feel lonely at home with no one else to play with while I have my baby brother and Alice to keep me company. 

Who is Alice? Well...

Dad says she’s my imaginary friend, and that he’s working on a potion to make her a real girl for me, but I don’t know if I should believe him or not. I mean, I can see Alice, and we play together. Doesn’t that already make her real enough?

Apparently not.

She’s got purple hair. I won’t lie. Dad was right, she’s pretty awesome now. And a lot more fun now that she can visit Maureen with me. 

Speaking of getting older... if any of you say Boyden is cuter than me I will never speak to you again.

And mom finally had that little girl she’d been wishing for. I know she loves Boyden and me, but both of the other families in town had little girls and she wanted one too.

I do like my little sister though. She’s sweet, she’s quiet, and she has my eyes! I think, maybe, I might get along with her. At the very least she’s WAY better than stupid Boyden. He thinks he’s soooo cool just because he’s a genius.

Same day my sister became a toddler, my dad became an elder. I always knew he was older than mom, but I never realized just how much older he was. 

Alice also grew up. 

And finally, me. And with that, ends my little introduction. Now that I’m older I might finally find out why we’re here, and what exactly is on the mainland. Unlike Maureen, I was born on this island. I’ve never been onto the mainland, and I’m not a “volunteer” like my dad is. If I’m here without a choice, I want to know why. 
Hope you stay for the ride.


And thus ends the first chapter of my Evans Legacy! I'm using a slightly altered version of Avalikia's "Nothing is Free" challenge rules (found here). The biggest difference is that she allows only one CAS family on the island... and after a bit of deliberation I decided to go with my standard of Story > Rules. I do not apologize. 

Seriously though everyone should go click that link and check out the challenge. Avalikia is brilliant and has put so much work and effort into the rules and guidelines of the challenge. 

Since this legacy is so new and I'm working on my (totally awesome) Sabo Random Legacy at the same time, updates will be sporadic but they WILL happen. I've fallen in love with Aden. He's just such a cutie! 

Mom has a name. But I see no point it giving it out to anyone. Little sister's name is Carla.


  1. Fantastic Start! :D I'm excited to be on the Cece train and can't find out where it's taking us! lol The family are really cute, especially the younger two (don't hit me, Aden!) :)

  2. Awesome start! I'm interested in knowing about what happened on the mainland. I love Aden and his little sister's eyes! Oh lol at sibling rivalry.

  3. Yes, the sister has lovely eyes. Aden is a good looking teen, if a little narcissistic though. Mom is very lovely.

  4. Intriguing start there, I can't wait to find out what's happening on the mainland and maybe a bit more of Aden's mother's background?

  5. PURPLE EYES!! Again!! :D you're doing it just to tease me aren't you?? You know I'm now damned to love her!

    Alice is quite the lady :D

    And I like it that you have green sims :D Lovely! Can't wait to see what you're coming up with for this family!

  6. "Sometimes I wish I were an only child, but mom says thats not allowed."

    LOL! Best line in the whole chapter! I'm still giggling. =D

    ...I forgot how much I love your writing. <3