Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ch. 10 - Facts of Life

Ellie’s birthday arrives at last.

It is physically impossible for my family to produce ugly offspring. Fact of life.

Also a fact of life? My children are amazing. 

My and Maureen’s birthday fell on the same day as Ellie’s. But we celebrated in private once the children had all gone to bed.

Of course early the following morning while Maureen and I were only just waking up a scream alerted us to a problem downstairs. 

My mother’s clock had finally run out.

We were all hit pretty hard by her passing. I was just thankful that the children were old enough to have some memories of her. 

I turned to my wife for comfort.

She knew just what I needed. My mother had taken her role as guardian very seriously, and knew everyone on the island. Maureen had always been close to my mother, and I knew she was hurting too. We helped each other through the difficult time that lay ahead. 

At least one good thing came from all this. Ellie told me she’s decided to let her doll come out and play at last. 

It was nice to have a friend made just for you. I gave Ellie a potion to make her doll real, but Ellie refused, saying she liked Jenny just the way she was... for now anyway. 

Damian’s birthday arrived too soon.

I just wish mom were here to see him grow up. 

My son, the natural born chef. 

And his doll, Diva. 

He seemed excited to see Diva age, and I faintly wondered if I’d acted like that with Alice when I was younger. 

NOPE. I certainly hadn’t acted like this with Alice.

Diva was... was like his sister! She... they... I mean... Okay don’t mind me. I’ll get over it. I think I just need to go grab Maureen and cry for a- holy shit Maureen and Alice have the same hair. I think I just died inside a little. Pardon me. I need to go cry now.

Watching Damian and Diva together had a much different effect on Ellie than it had on me. She decided she did want to make Jenny real.

So... she did. 

And Jenny joined the family as a real girl.

Each night I was out until early morning fishing at the graveyard, catching the death fish Alice had pointed out to me. Then I would pull myself out of bed in the morning half asleep to garden. Imagine my glee when one day Diva offered to take over the garden for me. 
I love this girl. 

Also helpful was Damian who woke up each morning long before everyone else just to make a warm breakfast for the family.

Ellie and Jenny were still happy to do nothing but paint, but that was alright. They were still young and had plenty of time to choose where their hearts lay.

That said, my little Ellie certainly had a gift. 

I only wished no one else had noticed. It had been hard enough to deal with Carla’s trip to the mainland. I would never let them take my daughter, and I wasn’t sure how to ensure her safety. 

Fortunately for me, Whitecliff had different plans for today’s meeting. And very quickly I realized that the general had just given me the perfect opportunity to keep her safe forever. The mainland would be making a very special delivery the day of my daughter’s upcoming birthday, and with that news I gave Whitecliff the name of my heir.


And Gen 3 takes over next chapter. (Since I started on Gen 2)

OMG it took friggin FOREVER to get the 140k for Aden's Science Labs. I almost wanted to cheat. The last 20k was the worst. 

Aden honestly freaks out every time he walks into a room where Damian and Diva are flirting. His eyes go huge and he just a forced smile on. Thank you AI for finally realizing how creepy it is to fall in love with your IF doll (Seriously. Is it really just me who thinks that way? Its practically forcing someone to love you!)


  1. Lol it depends on how you look at it, I tend to think it's like childhood neighbour friends that grow up together and end up married :)

    And major gratz on getting the science labs :D

    also......ELLIE!!! *dies a little*

  2. Lol, I agree with Klev that it's like childhood friends growing up and getting married. Not so horrible but I still say they are creepy.

    I'm excited for Ellie to take over. Hopefully you won't make me so depressed with this Gen. Lol at my wishful thinking.