Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ch. 12 - Anything is Possible

Once dad had told me his story and led me to our family’s underground lair (Cause seriously, thats what it was) he left me alone with only the instruction to introduce myself once the computer had turned on, and not to worry about my curfew. 

As you can see... I got a tad bit bored.
I saw grandma’s urn just sitting on the ground next to all the others and it felt... wrong. So I tidied the place up a bit. And in the days that followed I picked up all the other urns as well, and redecorated the place. To make it more... livable. 

After all, I was spending almost all my time down here talking with the General. Although... he wasn’t exactly dad’s general. 

For a few days my dedication as guardian had been left with no response until one afternoon I finally received a response. And it wasn’t what I was expecting. 
“I know I’m not who you’re waiting for, but my father died last week in a bombing. I was only just given his will with your contact information. I hope you’ll pardon my delay miss Ellie.”

His name was Gregorio Whitecliff. He wasn’t quite a general just yet but he was confident he’d make the title soon enough, before his Young Adult birthday no doubt. He was older than me but only just, and quite funny. 
I didn’t even notice how much time I was spending talking with him until I’d spent the night of prom online with him talking about the difference in our upbringings. He’d been born and raised on a military base and never knew his mother, barely saw his father. I’d lived with two loving parents in a town full of friends, family and fresh air. 

Of course my dad noticed all the time I’d been spending away from home and after a few “private words” (An hour long lecture on mainlanders and how the general is not our friend, blah blah blah) I decided to spend more time at home, mostly exercising.

Jenny also enjoys exercising, but prefers to use the strange training dummy my mom found at the consignment store. 

Speaking of my parents, they’re getting pretty old. So it wasn’t rare for them to be in bed hours before the rest of us. 

And once I’d learned to connect my personal laptop to the hidden super computer in the cave it was very easy for me to stay up late talking to Gregorio, 

On one such night I learned it was his birthday the following day. I’d laughed, asked him what he wanted for a gift and he’d mentioned the want for a car. 
“What is a car?” I typed, honestly curious since I’d never even heard the word before. 
“Its a transportation machine.” He answers. “Early versions ran on fossil fuels and polluted the environment but we have these beautiful sleek new ones that run on sunlight and store enough energy to be used at night as well. You really don’t have any there?”
“None. But they sound fascinating. I can understand why you want one so badly. I wish it were possible to send one here. It would make life so much easier. Did you know it takes me an HOUR to walk to and from school each day? Ugh.”
He’d laughed at me for that since I sounded like a spoiled brat, but told me that everything was possible if you wanted it bad enough. Long after he’d signed off I’d sat there re-reading his words. What had he meant by that?

Two days later I received my answer. 


Okay so firstly: I am SO sorry for the delay in this chapter. I was having so much trouble with this save game and for a long time I was worried it was unsalvagable. Today I realized all I needed to do was switch to a different household and then back into the main Evans. *Head -> Desk* Pardon me, I feel like a moron now.

... I want that car.

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  1. I really want to like Gregorio but knowing you..there is something wrong with him. He's evil...or wants to blow up the Island.....or something horrible. But Ellie seems to like him. I mean the guy did buy her a car? *sigh* I don't know what to think anymore.