Friday, March 2, 2012

Ch. 8 - Newcomers

My beautiful baby boy. I hadn’t realized how much love I could have for another living creature until I held Damian in my arms for the first time. Instantly I knew he would not be our only child, but when I brought up the idea with Maureen the night after he’d been born she’d kicked me square in the groin. It was fine, I could wait. She’d come around sooner or later.

Boyden’s twins became toddlers. Jason inherited his mother’s hair and eyes. 

Justin on the other hand inherited his father’s hair and eyes. 

And my little islander son inherited my father’s hair and my wife’s green eyes. 

With the house so full Boyden took the initiative and moved out. He’d been working on a new home apparently, on the hill overlooking the island. Beautiful views, but I’m quite content with my mom’s house in the valley. She and dad put so much work int it. It would be such a shame to leave it behind and move somewhere else.

Maureeen tried her best to keep Damian happy, but after his best buddies left he simply wouldn’t be quieted. Eventually he cried himself to sleep and what a relief that was.

To my surprise it was that same evening that Maureen told me she wanted another baby. We got started right away.

And got lucky right away. 

Maureen couldn’t even wait until I was home from fishing before telling my mother that her fifth grandchild was on the way.

Mother was ecstatic. Finally she’d have five grandchildren. With my luck her next wish would be for ten. Good luck with that, mom. 

Maureen and I were both getting older and neither of us wanted to be raising children while grey, so this would be our last child. 

In only a matter of days Maureen perfected the art of sculpting, no matter the medium. I perhaps should have been a little worried about her sudden fascination with using a chainsaw while pregnant but shut up. It’s hot. I have my kinks and you have yours, alright? Good.

Maureen went into labour while I was out fishing. 

And gave birth to another little islander not long after. 

We name her Ellie. Ellie Evans.

And she is as adorable as I was as a kid. My little girl got only the best genes from both my family and Maureen’s. Then again, Damian is proof that Maureen and I make gorgeous kids no matter what. Maybe we could have one more... maybe.

Speaking of Damian, he received a doll in the mail just like everyone else in my family. He grew very fond of Diva very quickly, and I had hope that they would grow as close and Alice and I were.

With Maureen’s sculptures becoming so popular and Carla’s paintings in constant demand the need for a central exchange point with the mainland became necessary.

So we built ourselves a consignment store.

And the mainland sent a woman named Mei to ensure out goods were traded at a fair value. She came to the island with her husband Diego and their two daughters, Gracey and Jasmine.

Jasmine and Diego were busy looking at their new house, but I got to meet Gracey. She was a sweet little girl, and Mei was very polite for a mainlander. I guess my mother had been right about not all mainlanders being evil. They both looked so happy to be here, and I would make sure their entire family was given a warm welcome.
Morikipo was getting just a bit fuller. And I liked it.

So I have a little problem... you see when Damian was born green I decided he’d be my heir cause what are the chances of both kids being green? Psh! 
... And then Ellie was born green. And, well... guys she’s so cute as a YA! So, I’m going to be having an heir vote. This heir will be working to achieve the Police Station community lot (Athletics, Logic and Painting). 
So I guess my question to you is... which sim would you prefer spending a generation getting to know, listening to their inner most thoughts and having to stare at their photo again and again?
Damian as a Young Adult:

Ellie as a Young Adult:


  1. I'd like to see more of Ellie. but they are both cute.

    good chapter!

  2. Chainsaws are hawt.

    Also, Ellie, but I always pick female heirs over male ones. I think it's a side effect of having fifty billion pieces of makeup CC.

  3. Besides, female cops are hot. Just saying.

  4. My vote is for Ellie too, though I'd love either!

  5. OH GOOD. You all voted Ellie. Cause my plot for Ellie is a LOT better than my plot for Damian... and also a lot more ME (And if you know my writing you'll know that isn't necessarily a good thing >: P)

    Damian will still be around for a while too. So no worries about that. I think I'll have him marry his IF doll to reduce incest in later generations. I'm already a little stressed about keeping the population flowing and I'm only three generations in!

  6. Serial killers in three...two...

    1. NO!


      Not this early on, anyway. Maybe later on.

  7. ELLIE!!! ELLIE!!! We have an E, we have an L, and an L, I, E! Yay, ELLIE!!! :D

    And do I see a Xun there? :P Oeh :D

  8. Yes, I was going to say Ellie too. Now just don't go having any more babies or you might have to vote again. :P

  9. Lol at Klev! I also vote for Ellie! She is very pretty!