Monday, March 5, 2012

Ch. 9 - Diva of Good

My son’s birthday arrived, and my mother was simply ecstatic to see him becoming a child. She had already reached the same age at which Grim took my father, and was just thankful for every day she had left. 

Adorable. Just like me at that age. But with Maureen’s big green eyes. My mother was confident I would pick him to succeed me as a guardian, but I was less sure. 

Damian was very spoiled, although I had only myself to blame (Maureen was very good at being the bad cop. Me, not so much). He was cocky, over confident, and far too much like me for me to be comfortable naming him my successor. 

My mother had no other choice in an heir. I did.

Not long after arriving on the island, Mei discovered she was pregnant and had her husband Diego take over her duties at the consignment store.

The consignment store became the island’s hub after a while. Even my brother who I hadn’t seen in weeks was there... with new clothes I’d never noticed before. I knew something was up but he was my brother. I looked the other way. 

Ellie took after my father a lot, especially his hair. Whenever my mother wasn’t writing I could find her with Ellie in her arms, playing with my little girl and doting over her. I was worried Ellie would come out as spoiled as her brother but she never seemed to take our attention for granted. If anything she also seemed to appreciate it. So mature for such a little girl.

My wife. Being hot. Her topiaries don’t bring in as much as her other statues, so I swear she does it just to tease me.

Damian did have one hobby that he was quite good at, and that we all greatly appreciated. He loved to bake. And we loved to eat. Everybody wins!

And although I could very clearly see his doll when he played with little Diva, my mother insisted I give him one of the potions my father had made before his death. 

So I did. 

And Diva joined the family.

I wondered faintly if Ellie’s doll would come alive as well. She didn’t seem as attached as Damian had been to Diva, but you never knew. Right?

I made sure to teach my little girl all the important things. Such as law, and order, and the importance of education. 

She had such a good attention span for a child her age. Looks like my family had another budding genius.

Like Alice and Pat, Diva adjusted to life as a real sim very well.

And she was so caring and loving to little Ellie. 

Two beautiful children, one little angel for an adopted daughter, a gorgeous wife, and a full house. Life... is pretty damn perfect. 


No I won't be doing anything OVERLY depressing in the next chapter... maybe. Unless SP cooks something up for me again. I'll leave the sad story line for Ellie's generation, kay? 

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  1. D'aaww! Ellie is just so adorable. Although now I'm not so happy that there will be a sad storyline for her generation. I can only imagine what you have planned. Oh the horror!